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This is dedicated to the many who still believe that the few can make a difference.

You’re alive when you’re 53 years old, sit next to a 26 years old, and feel he’s reached 53 and you’re back to 26. This is the essence of the elixir of youth. And that is what I miss in Lebanon. That is what I never found in Lebanon. Never, until now.

TEDx is my fountain of youth, where I go to quench the my thirst for eternal rejuvenation.

I never felt at ease with people of my age, and I never understood why. And then, last year, at the first TEDx event, I saw the light. There is a child in me.

Children do not seek higher goals. That does not make them less achievers than the rest of us. That does not make them any less inspired than the rest of us. And, for sure, that does not make them less motivated either.

TED is not food for thought. There is no food for thought. When everyone else looks, you see; when everyone else hears, you listen, and when everyone else feed their thoughts, you act. And that is it. That is all what TED is all about.

And I can prove it.

Just imagine for a while the licensee of TEDx Beirut indulging in “food for thought”, pondering the idea, sleeping on it for a while… I would be 90 and still looking for a 26 years old to sit next to.

In a country where hope is more prohibited than smoking, inspiration becomes “food for soul”. And someone had the guts to do it. Someone had the will to share. Someone had the insight to bring in the 53s’ and 26s’ together and let the former fuel their life, and the latter grow their horizon, both ignited by the same passion; the passion to confirm that it is indeed the end that justifies the means in a simile-nation where it’s the means that justify the end.

The next TEDx is around the corner. The yearly fountain of eternal youth is here again to inject a 26 in my 53. And the child in me is packed and ready to go.

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