55 reasons why this is not a happy birthday

1- The food we eat

2- The water we drink

3- The hospitals we’re treated in

4- The politicians who rob the life out of us

5- The electricity… or lack of it

6- The war in Syria… taking place in Lebanon

7- The death of the best

8- The survival of the worst

9- The lack of business

10- The slow internet… And its fast advertising

11- The cellular network, where morse code is better

12- The roads we drive over

13- The drivers who drive over us

14- The corrupt system

15- The hundreds of cars with no plate numbers

16- The cars with tinted glass driven by tinted people

17- The total lack of human values

18- Under-payed teachers

19- Over-payed management

20- The fear of dropping prices of gas

21- The mistreatment of women on the rise

22- Education on the drop

23- No president

24- A fake parliament

25- A fake government

26- The show-offs of morons

27- The language of fear

28- Schools wining about lack of funds but building health clubs

29- The rule of the illiterate

30- The submission of the educated

31- The fake clergy

32- The rewarded lies and punished honesties

33- My children leaving the country for a better life

34- The cross fighting the crescent

35- The cross fighting the cross

36- The crescent fighting the crescent

37- The zombies relying on fortune tellers

38- TV stations turning in to tabloid trash

39- The media looking for scoops in the misery of its people

40- An Arab spring initiated by tyranny

41- The Arabs who are Arabs only when other Arabs are dead

42- The condemnation of digital drugs in an economy thriving on the real ones

43- A country where the religion does politics and politicians do religion

44- A country where silicon outruns real flesh

45- A country where everyone’s ready to die for a politician, but no one for a cause

46- A country where even color has become taboo

47- Wearing “I Love NY” t-shirts in anti-American marches

48- Moped delivering shisha

49- Women driving huge SUVs to make a statement

50- Men driving bigger cars trying to compensate for their genitals… or intellect

51- How “Heart” emoticons became so common and stopped saying “I love you”

52- A country where your beautiful voice is evaluated by how naked you get on stage

53- A country where Miss Lebanon is selected by her religion

54-A country where the older you get, the less you’re respected

55- And the fact that a day ago I was only 54


1 Response to “55 reasons why this is not a happy birthday”

  1. 1 Mounir Assadourian
    December 2, 2014 at 15:39

    Happy Birthday quand meme 🙂

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