Once in a while

Strange how when you feel down, you look outside the window and you suddenly see… You see the trees, the blue sky, the fluffy clouds. You hear the birdsongs, the gentle hiss of foliage dancing in the wind. You smell the aromas of Earth… And then, you feel down and depressed again; but this time for another reason.

And that’s what happened  to me the other day.

I was lying on the couch on a Saturday afternoon, watching the news on tv. Then, just for a second, I turn my head and look outside the window. And it dawns on me… In our fight to live, to survive, we simply bury ourselves in all the possible absurdities. And it is those absurdities that blind us, suck us dry, and end up robbing us from the one weapon, the one survival tool left. Dreams.

And in our endeavor to survive, we instead murder ourselves.

Oh I am not trying to make it easier on you or anyone. No one can make it easier. No one can make facts easier or harder. Facts are facts.

All I am saying is that we should, once in awhile, look outside the window.


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