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You know, I always wondered why we removed the “Air Liban” from our national carrier’s name “Middle East Airlines”, when all other neighboring countries have already or are establishing new airlines with the nation’s name proudly stamped on their aircrafts’ tails.

Then I so the hype and read the stories about our National anthem, And it struck me, we are truly international!

Our politics are driven by the international arena,
our allegiances are to international players,
our history’s only milestones are international,
our independence was bestowed upon us by the international community.

We have political parties with international names, and politicians with international agendas.
We have international passports and hide the original one.
We speak two International languages and still manage to prostitute our own.
We love working for international companies and love to fake ones locally.
We number more Lebanese in other countries than in our own…

And I was still, so candidly, wondering why we have an International Anthem.

No, no, no, I do not want to hear crap about who invented which anthem first. I don’t care who stole, copied or adapted which. I don’t care if it was stolen, copied or adapted. This is not the point. I don’t care about silly arguments to gain media exposure, be crowned as a hero patriot, or make people believe he or she are scholars. As far as I’m concerned Fleifel are just jalapeno on my pizza. Hell, I don’t even recall who composed “our ” National anthem. Why should I care… Anymore…

The point is very simple. We CANNOT have a National Anthem that already exists or has existed. And if the “other” came after ours, why didn’t we do anything about it? I hear stories about many anthems that have been adapted to suit nations, and I honestly don’t like the idea at all. If we cannot invest ourselves to create, believe in, and defend a unique national anthem, how would we be able to create, believe in, or defend a nation?

It reminds me of that guy who found a box of lost business cards, and went and changed his name!!

Yeah, I know, silly question around here. If we didn’t move a pinky for matters by far more detrimental, why should we act on this one. Right?


This is THE detrimental matter. The issue of the National Anthem symbolizes every single schizophrenic disorder we’ve had in this country since its so-called creation.

And you know what’s our biggest problem? I’ll tell you what. We did not “earn” a bloody thing. We were “given” stuff.

We were given our glory by Phoenicians,
We were given history by Romans, Greeks, French and every other nationality found in the solar system.
We were given our independence.
We’ve been given governments, presidents, ministers, deputies, warlords.
We’ve been given a war, and were even given its end.
And now we’re given more hard times, and we keep bending over.

Some might argue, and what about our martyrs? Well yes, what about them?

Egypt “took” its rights in a couple of weeks and with just a handful of martyrs… We’ve shed the sacred blood of our children and true believers since the dawn of the 18th century… And we “took” nothing. We were always simply “given” at the end.

We do not have a National Anthem, not anymore. We just have a song that we hum in schools, or when we join the scouts.

And you know what? We don’t deserve a National Anthem anyway,  starting with myself.

You need one Nation to have one anthem.
You need one cause to have one Nation.
You need one people to have one cause.
You need ONE anthem to make one people…

One vicious loop, hein?

So yes, please, what about our martyrs?

Don’t you think they deserve at the very least a unique National Anthem??

But that’s just me…

© 2010 Ibrahim Lahoud


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