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I had to warp the year with a blog entry. I still ask myself why I had to do it and still do not have the answer. Usually the things we do for the last time every year tend to help us wash away the miseries of that year and usher new beginnings… of more misery.

So, for a change, this entry will be about the things I learned this year. Not all these are good, as a matter of fact, most are not. But we know by now that to learn, we look at what not to do rather than what to do, or at least that’s what I thought…

So Here’s what I learned this year, in no particular order.

I learned that some people are so meaningless that the only importance they earn is the one they give themselves.

I learned that politics were created by those very same meaningless people to try to rally more meaningless people to hold a wild “importance party”, with both meanings of the word “party…

I learned that in Lebanon, being nice is translated as being lame, and being mean as being smart.

I learned that we still can’t tell the difference between a smart guy and a wise guy.

I learned that a tribunal is more important than bandwidth.

I learned that a tree on the border is more important than electricity.

I learned the price per head in an election campaign is more important than price of gas and bread.

I learned that when blogging around the world is to educate, in Lebanon, it’s just to vent.

I learned that Twitter does help make good friends… unlike Facebook.

I learned that when anywhere else in the world people debate whether they should live to work or work to live, in Lebanon our choices are die for work or work to die.

I learned that you’re evaluated based on your cellular phone and your license plate numbers.

I learned that we camouflage our differences behind the word “diversity”, and our hatred behind the word “consensus”

I learned that you can’t mix religion with politics. I also learned that we never learned that one.

I learned that we rely on our history only to brag, and never to change.

I learned that “baseless rumor” is not English. Every rumor has a base.

I learned that losing a friend is as bad as how strong that friendship was.

I learned that family is the real essence of friendship, and that’s why we love to consider friends as family.

I learned that Lebanese will never learn to read their memories; but just to state them.

I learned that if you do not love what you do, you will never do what you love.

I learned that where it takes two to tango, it takes much more to make a nation.

I learned that we forgot that “holiday” comes from “Holy” and “day”.

I learned that the amount of knowledge you possess is measured by the amount of knowledge you give.


But what I mostly learned this year was that everything I learn is still a drop in the ocean of what I ignore.

Enjoy your Holy Days.




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