By: Ibrahim Lahoud

I just love those who have decided to indulge in debunking the “branding myth”. I also admire them trying everything in their power to prove that consumers have become “brand-addicts”, thus letting go of all the natural ingredients built-in the product itself. To those, I humbly have a couple of answers:

1- Daaaaah!

2- Let’s get pragmatic. What’s the bottom line here? A happy consumer or a new “Branding Aftermath” cult in the making?

3- Isn’t the sheer fact of writing such “revelations” a branding exercise by itself for its own writers? At least I, can proudly and safely claim that this article is for me!

Ok, enough with the fun, let’s get serious for a while. Branding is the natural ingredient in every product, and those who don’t yet see it should remember how long they stand in front of the mirror every morning trying to “dress well”…

Branding brings out the best in products, the same way choosing the best outfit to wear brings out the best in you. Branding is not a myth, not a magic spell cast by the “Knights of Branding” secret sect. Those who still think it is… should migrate from Harry Potter to more down to earth readings. And for those who believe that being a brand-addict is that bad I say: There are much more important things happening around us these days. Please, live and let live.

No really, no more fun, for good this time. Why am I such a brand-defender some might ask. No, it is not because that’s how I make a living. It is actually the opposite; branding is why I decided to make a living in the field. So why am I such a brand-defender? Simple, unlike most, I did not study branding, I learned it. I watched people, simple people all around me enjoy life, lullabied by simple brands. I saw more complex people, sophisticated, enjoy their status surrounded by their favorite brands. I watched children asking for their “Matchbox” car model or their “Barbie” doll. I watched people call products “by their name”, not their molecular architecture!!

I saw people from every walk of life finally understand what a product means, because of branding.

I really should stop having fun here! Branding makes it easy for us, “the others”, to see beyond megabytes, kilo-joules, excipients, analog and digital, ingredients and emulsifiers, rpm and torque; and make us, “the others” dive… to the shallowest aspect of a product, the one that makes us, “the others”, see what’s in it for us.

So, once more, to those who see what us, “the others” don’t, please enlighten us. Did you really buy your car based only on the ratio of torque against horsepower? Maybe the amount of synthetic fabric there is in the upholstery? Or it CO2 emission footprint in comparison to global warming?

Or, did you choose a car brand that simply made you feel reassured its manufacturer did just the right thing? Oh, not to forget the color, a detail!

All right, over with the fun. I have to admit that we all contributed at making the world what it is today in relation to the branding syndrome. Do I feel guilty? Hell no! Branding is a necessity in a time where products and services are becoming more complex to grasp, for people who need them but are intimidated by their complexity. Branding makes it easy for us to adopt new technologies and create logical relationships in our brain between our rational et emotional needs. Branding makes it so easy to understand pricing structures, products hierarchies in relation to our own status. Branding helps create the identities of nations!

And there are still some who think that branding is bad, taboo and yucky!

To those, one last word: That’s why people like me can’t stop having fun writing an article like that!

©2010 – Ibrahim Lahoud



  1. 1 alia
    April 8, 2010 at 01:14

    haha!! Cool,I loveeeee ittt!!
    Very impressive, informative and interesting posts!!
    I can spend on reading similar things foreverr!!
    Great Blog 🙂

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